All Things Bridal Lashes

All Things Bridal Lashes

Every lash tech knows a bride-to-be walks through the door with a sparkle in their eye – and it's not just from the ring! Their wedding day is a moment they've dreamt of forever, and you play a crucial role in making their vision a reality. From flawless lashes to tear-proof confidence, here's all things wedding lashes.

What lash style is best for a wedding? 

It depends! Consult with your bride. Does she want natural elegance or dramatic glamor? Consider factors like dress style, makeup look, and personal preference. Popular choices include wispy for a soft, romantic look, classic for timeless elegance, or hybrid for a touch more volume. Here’s a wedding lash mood board to help inspire your creativity. 


How long before the wedding should a bride get lash extensions? 

In all honesty, it depends on the client. If it is their first lash extension experience, you want to look at getting them around 1-2 months before the big day to see if extensions are for them in terms of wearability and compatibility. You don't want any lash allergies ruining the wedding day!

Ideally, 2-3 weeks before the big day allows for a trial appointment and any necessary adjustments. Then book an infill no less than 48hrs before the wedding to ensure the lashes look fresh and avoid any last-minute surprises.

Consultation is Key: As mentioned before, discuss the bride's vision, lifestyle, and any allergies, you want to make sure everything is just perfect from start to finish. Make sure you patch test lash adhesive beforehand.

Trial Run: Schedule a trial appointment just before the makeup trial to test styles and ensure compatibility with the overall makeup look. You could even get your bride to trial their lashes for their bachelorette.

Lash Retention Matters: Use high-quality lashes and adhesive with excellent retention to ensure they last throughout the wedding festivities (including happy tears!). You may even want to add extra time to the lash appointment to make sure you take your time and get them perfect!

Lash Lift Love: For a natural yet defined look, consider recommending a lash lift and tint either on its own or half and half... inner half being a lash lift and outer half being a lightweight lash extension set. This look is getting more and more popular and gives a more natural yet enhanced look - we LOVE the results.

Aftercare Advice: Provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure the lashes stay beautiful and comfortable.

  • Be a Stress Reliever: Weddings can be overwhelming and very stressful. Be patient, understanding, and create a calming environment.
  • Listen & Recommend: Actively listen to what the bride wants and recommend styles that complement facial features and wedding vibe (makeup, dress, theme etc).
  • Go the Extra Mile: Schedule a touch-up appointment closer to the wedding day for any last-minute tweaks or infill to freshen them up.
  • Capture the Magic: Take beautiful before-and-after photos to showcase your work and add them to your portfolio, you may even want to send them to your client for the memories.

If you really want to go the extra mile, offer a wedding lash care kit for your brides that includes a lash cleansing brush, gentle lash cleanser, a sleep mask to minimize lash friction at night and a mascara wand. This thoughtful touch shows that you care about the lash retention going beyond the wedding day.


Remember, you're not just applying lashes; you're helping create a lasting memory for the bride. By understanding their needs and offering exceptional service, you'll ensure they walk down the aisle with confidence and lashes that look amazing in person and in the photos!

NOTE: Talking about photos, make sure you speak to your bride or bride’s photographer when posting photos taken from the wedding day, as you may need permission!