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3M Micropore Tape

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3M Transpore Tape

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Foam Tape

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Eyelash Extension Essentials: Everything You Need for a Thriving Lash Business

If you're a lash artist, it's important to have all the essential tools and supplies to provide your clients with the best possible service.

In addition to lash adhesives, tweezers, and pro-made fans, there are many other eyelash extension essentials that you need to keep in your inventory. These include:

and more...

By investing in these essential eyelash extension supplies, you can ensure that you're providing your clients with the best possible service. You'll also be able to work more efficiently and effectively.

Here are some of the benefits of using high-quality eyelash extension essentials:

  • Improved lash retention: When you use the right tools and supplies, your lashes will last longer.
  • Faster application times: With the right tools, you can apply lashes more quickly and easily.
  • Happier clients: When your clients are happy with their lashes, they'll be more likely to come back for more.

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