Enhance Your Lash Collection Eyelash Extensions from LashBase

Looking for high-quality eyelash extensions for your clients? Say hello to LashBase eyelash extensions – the secret behind many stunning, long lasting eyelash extension looks.

At LashBase, we understand the power of captivating eyelashes, especially for the success and growth of your business. Great products mean great results!  Our collection of lashes are designed to cater to every individual's style, whether you prefer subtle classic eyelash extensions or bold, dramatic mega-volume lashes that steal the show.

Understanding Eyelash Extensions

Lashes are definitely not a ‘one size fits all'. Here you’ll find the best lashes to suit your lashing style - natural classics to color volume! Our lash extensions come in so many different curls, colors, lengths, and thicknesses for you to choose from. Exactly what a lash artist could ever want or need to succeed in their lash career!

The LashBase Difference

What sets LashBase apart is our commitment to quality and variety. Our collection offers an extensive range of lashes, each crafted with precision and using the finest materials, ensuring comfort, durability, and a stunning finish.

From classic lashes for a soft, elegant look to volume fan lashes. We take pride in providing lashes that not only enhance your client's eyes but are also easy to work with.

Classic Eyelash Extensions Look

Volume Eyelash Extensions Look

Dramatic or Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Look

Premade and Promade Lash Fans

LBX and Enhance Eyelash Extensions

Our LBX Collection eyelash extensions are made from the highest quality materials, are super soft, and a true black color. Available in a range of curls, thicknesses and lengths.

Enhance Lashes are ultra-matte, meaning they absorb light and provide a dense, darker appearance - no more plastic-looking classics! They use treated, high-end PBT materials and an improved taper of the fiber, making them extra soft and light. 

Explore Our Collection

Level Up your lash stash! Explore our collection and discover the perfect set of eyelash extensions that suit your lashing style. Your clients will love you and your business will boom.

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