Half Sets x Lash Lift

Half sets with a lash lift are taking the lash industry by storm and the results are stunning. So, we thought we would put the spotlight on this hybrid look with some notes on how to do it, so that you can do it on your clients.

Half Set 

Lash Map was 11/12/13/11 from where the arch of the brow starts.

With curls, I tend to blend the first curl with how much the lift has lifted. Usually a CC is spot on but if someone likes a less dramatic lift, I’d blend with a C and if we have some crazy curly lashes, I’d blend with a D. From there I can blend into an L or M if someone wanted as it would suit those curls, but I would always just make sure the first section blends with the lift.

When does the Lash Lift come in?

I like to do both at the same time! I put the Lifted product on and then lash from the outer corner to the inner (just so you’re working with the glue furthest away from the lift products!).


My clients are currently coming back every 3/3.5 weeks for an outer corner infill and tint touch-up, then 3/3.5 weeks later, I refill the outer corner but redo the whole lift too.

How much do you charge?

I charge £55($68) for this which is the same as a full set of classics, I chose to do this as it’s a natural look but also takes the same time as a classic full set (1 hour 45) infills and tint or relift are around 1 hour 15.

I used 7-11mm C curl, I did 7, 8,9,10,11,10,9 in a slight cat eye style.

Other curls could be used but I use these for a natural enhanced look to blend the transition out.

Lash Lift first or Lash Extensions? 

I do the lash lift first but whilst step 1 is on, I do the outer extensions. I use Lifted. rather than Lifted. Pro as the slower processing time gives me more time to do the extensions.

How often do you infill and how much do you charge?

I would recommend 2/3 weeks on outside corner extensions and 6/8 weeks for lash lift.

I have priced this treatment at £45 ($56) and it took me under 90 mins.

Note: I am also working out whether to tint all the lashes before treatment to blend especially if clients are fair. 

Why don’t you try this out on your next half-set client? Remember to tag us in your pictures! LashBase_US.