Luxury Mascara Wand

$2 $3

Luxury Mascara Wand

The perfect retail item, little gift, or personal accessory. This reusable mascara wand has a long sturdy base, and a lid to protect the brush head at all times.

Beautifully crafted handle with crystal shaft.

Reusable Mascara Wand retail value: $5-$8 each!

Choice of white or pink barrels.

These wands have a metal spiral-bound synthetic bristle head. These are a must-have accessory for keeping those lash extensions in check. Excellent quality.


Use after a lash treatment, after cleansing the lashes or just to detangle and fluff your lash extensions.

Gently comb through lashes from the base of the lashes to the end.

Elevate your lash routine with these high-quality tools, ensuring your eyes always steal the show!

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