If you're new to lashing and a complete beginner it can be confusing to know which products to purchase when you are just starting out. 

There are so many different types of lashes and adhesive to choose from, it can be hard to know which products are essential for your lash kit. If you're not sure which products you need, or need a little help deciding on your essentials, here are our top 5 products recommendations: 


Lashes are obviously going to be top of the list when it comes to building your kit. There are so many different curls, lengths and thicknesses to choose from, but as a starting point we would recommend the below options: 

Classic Sets - LBX Collection 0.15 C Mixed Length Tray

Volume Sets - LBX Collection 0.07 CC Mixed Length Tray

The lashes in our LBX Collection are super soft, have a true black colour and are easy to remove from the strip making them perfect for both classic and volume sets. 

Reasons why we recommend LBX 0.15mm, C curl, mixed lengths for classic beginners: When you first pick up tweezers and attempt to lash, it is a lot easier to use a straighter curl. Students from a few years ago will have been using B and J curls but these are no longer seen as practical to train with as they are rarely used in sets. So that's where the C curl comes in. 0.15 thickness is the most commonly used and easiest to control thickness for classics. While having a mixed length box means that you can create a great style with just 1 tray.

Reasons why we recommend LBX 0.07mm, CC curl, mixed lengths for volume beginners: Training in volume is more often than not something that you do after learning Classic lashing. This is why it's preferable for beginners to use a CC curl as they are usually familiar with more curly lashes. The 0.07 thickness is ideal for getting to grip with making fans from 2D to 4D and the mixed box help you practice styling without committing to multiple trays.


Whilst you’re working on your speed and technique, we recommend working with a slower curing glue. We have two slow curing adhesives in our range which are great for beginners:

Pro – Our Pro adhesive has a curing time of 2-3 seconds and has a very strong, long-lasting bond. Our Pro adhesive is a great all-rounder and will suit most lash artists. This adhesive is also perfect if you are working in a lash room that has high temperature or high humidity.

Extreme – Our Extreme adhesive is a great choice for classic sets. It also has a curing time of 2-3 seconds so is suitable for beginners who are just starting out, or for intermediate lash artists who are working on their speed and technique.


Before you begin lashing, its important to work on clean natural lashes. You’ll need to remove all makeup/oils and residue from the lashes before you begin application. If there’s any makeup/oils on the lashes this will affect the lash extensions adhering to the natural lashes and therefore will effect retention. This is why having a cleanser in your kit is key! We recommend the Purified Sensitive Cleanser as a kit essential. Use this as part of your pre-treatment cleanse, watch our video demo below!



Finding your perfect pair of tweezers takes a lot of time and patience! What works for one lash artist, may not work for another so its worth testing out a few options. If you need a starting point, here are our recommendations:

For classic lash sets we recommend the S Curve Fine Point Tweezers and the Straight Fine Point Tweezers.

If you’re a volume lash artist, you’ll probably have both of the above options in your kit already.

Eye Pads

Eye Pads are a must when it comes to lash extensions! You want to ensure your clients are comfortable and the Eye Pads provide a neat fit and cover the lower lashes. Our Eye Pads with Aloe Vera hold lower lashes in place and provide a comfortable and neat fit. Due to the design, the Eye Pads come with a 1mm border around the top of the pad, this prevents the gel escaping from the pad and prevents irritation. The Aloe Vera gel provides a soothing sensation on the skin and adds a therapeutic touch to the lash extension treatment. 

And that's our round-up of our top 5 products to have in your lash extension kit. We hope you found this blog post helpful and it's given you some tips on what to purchase when you are just starting out.  If you have any questions feel free to drop us a DM on Instagram @LashBase_US and we'll be happy to help!