Lash Events: Part 1 – Why Should You Attend?

Lash Events: Part 1 – Why Should You Attend?

After receiving some positive feedback from those that attended our LashBase events we thought we would delve a little deeper into the world of lash events. There are so many lash events all over the world and if you haven’t attended an event before we are going to discuss some of the reasons why you should and how it can benefit your business:

To Network

First and foremost, lash events are a fantastic networking opportunity. Whether you attend alone or in a group, you have one thing in common with everyone else in the room - lashes! Lash events are attended not only by lash artists but also by some key people behind some of the industry’s biggest brands. By attending you’ll have the opportunity to meet other lash artists, marketing professionals, suppliers, and business owners. You can discuss your experiences, talk about your business and your journey to lashing. You may meet a lash artist that works close by to you, a new supplier and make lots of new friends.

To Learn

The lash industry is always changing, and we never stop learning. Lash events provide an educational platform to learn more, ask questions and improve on your existing knowledge. Some lash events focus on this more than others and provide talks on different subjects such as lash techniques, how to market your business and why it’s important to take some time out. You’ll get to listen to industry professionals who are the best in the business and have so much experience and knowledge. They also might deliver a Q&A session as part of their talk. This provides the perfect opportunity to get the answers to any burning questions you may have and learn lots of tips and tricks to take away and implement into your business.

To be ‘in the know’

For some people attending lash, events can be out of their comfort zone. They fear they are not experienced enough or worried they will have to talk to salespeople. This industry is all about offering support and industry suppliers are some of the best people for you to get to know if you want to learn more about where the lash industry is going. Discovering innovative products and services for your business is necessary to stay up to date in the ever-changing lash world. By attending these events you’ll also be in the know of the trends and innovations that will be coming up and be able to position yourself as an ‘expert’.

To Have Fun

Perhaps the most important part! Lash events are all about fun! One of the main bits of feedback we received from our LBX Party was that for some of our guests it was their opportunity to have a Christmas party and just have a good time. The lash industry can sometimes be a lonely place if you work for yourself, so attending events gives you the chance to socialize and just have a good time. If you’re having fun the others around you will too and that’s what it’s all about. 

We hope this post inspires you to attend more lash events in the future, and if you are interested in hosting your own event, we’ll be going into some more detail about how to do this in the next blog post.

Thanks for reading!

Team LashBase

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