Selecting The Correct Lash Lift Shield

Selecting The Correct Lash Lift Shield

A question we get asked on a regular basis is how do I select the correct Lash Lifting shield for my client's lashes?

So to help you out, we have decided we would pop it down in a short blog for you to refer back to as and when you need to.


Sizing will depend on which brand of Lash Lift shields you use, however, LashBase Lash Lift shields are available in Small, Medium and Large. Please note that the size of the shields refers to the length of the lash not the width of the pad.


Here is your guide to which LashBase Lash Lift shield to use for your client's lashes:

Small Shield

Natural Lashes 10mm or shorter

Medium Shield

Natural Lashes 11mm - 12mm

Large Shield

Natural Lashes 13mm and above

Hints & Tips

  • If you find when you place the shield on the client's eyelid it is too big, you can trim the outer edge of the shield to fit, this will not affect the lift.
  • Some lash lift technicians also use the medium or large shield on shorter lashes for more of a subtle lift.

Thank you for reading 'Selecting The Correct Lash Lift Shield' we hope this it has helped. If it has, please share with your Lash Tech friends, so they can refer back to it too.