Lash Artist: Creating a Work/ Life Balance

Lash Artist Work-Life Balance

Written by Arianne Angove
Owner of Always Bonita Beauty  (UK Salon)

Work-life balance! What even is that? You may ask yourself!

It’s the important things we often forget...

Once the end of the day has come you find yourself thinking about yesterday, today and tomorrow and some of us may have no us time in that.

I always stress that, yes, we are Lash Artists but we are also humans and it is so important for us to have a work-life balance.

When you first start-up as a Lash Artist you don’t realize the journey you have just signed up for and it can sometimes be a rollercoaster of emotions mentally and physically!

Never did I think I was going to feel guilty for not being able to fit my client in or that someone lost a few lashes after two weeks! But I also never thought the day would come that I wanted to give up on my dream, simply because I felt drained and no longer enjoyed my work but it happened and it hit me hard!

At that stage, I realized how important it is for us super lashers, to please, not only our clients but also ourselves!

I realized that I couldn't please everyone which was confirmed when my clients began to tell me to take some time out. I then knew that I needed to!

We spend so much time stressing and doubting ourselves and on the journey of building our business, we often lose focus and forget some very important things. Here are some I remind myself of regularly:

  1. It’s OK to ask for help and accept help from others.
  2. Now and then it’s OK to take a little "me" time (even if it’s half an hour of silence, having a longer bath or popping to the gym).
  3. Being fully booked or unable to accommodate a client because you are full is OK - don’t blame yourself, it happens!
  4. When things don’t work out take it as a lesson learned and know-how to change it next time. Don’t stress, not everything is perfect or can be done the first time around.
  5. Be open to advice and opinions. It allows us to have an understanding from a different perspective. Remember, knowledge is power.
  6. LEARN TO UNDERSTAND YOURSELF – now this is maybe one of the hardest things and due to hormones and emotions, we can’t always seem to embrace the beauty that we are as an important role model, an individual, and business builder & so many other amazing fantastic things!
  7. Compassion for others even when we are feeling damn right crap ourselves – we never know what or how another person is feeling.
  8. Letting those who help and support you know that you appreciate what they do – this also makes you feel better and helps you acknowledge others just how you like to be appreciated for what you do.

The point: Sometimes we forget that between work and life we need a balance. We forget we have good and bad days and we should be running our businesses not letting our businesses run us!

To be able to be the amazing people that we are we have to take time to reflect on work and on life...

Learn to understand what is urgent and what isn’t!

The sun doesn’t shine every day but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the rain!

Thank you for reading 'Lash Artist Work-Life Balance', if you have found it helpful, please share with your lash friends!