How to Improve your Time Management

Time is precious, especially for lash artists juggling appointments, client messages, and trying to grow your business. Efficient time management is the key to not only meeting client expectations but also having a healthy work-life balance. 

Identify Time Wasters:

The first step towards effective time management is recognizing what tasks and activities eat away at your precious hours. Regularly assess your daily routine and pinpoint tasks that don't contribute to your business or personal growth. Get rid of or simplify these tasks to take back some of your valuable time!

Automate What You Can:

Technology can be a pain but it can also be really helpful. Especially when it comes to automating repetitive tasks. Use an online booking system (such as Booksy, Fresha, or Ovatu) for client appointments, automate confirmation emails and reminder texts to reduce all the admin stress. This not only makes you super efficient but also gives your clients a seamless experience.

booking apps for lash artists

Set Boundaries (!!):

Having clear boundaries is CRUCIAL for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. So make sure you schedule breaks between appointments to recharge and reset. That means your lunch break too! Additionally, let your clients know your availability and set realistic expectations on response times - eg. they will not get a reply past 6pm. Clear boundaries contribute to a more organized and less stressful work environment.

Online Booking System:

As mentioned before, an online booking system streamlines the scheduling process and allows you to take deposits. Taking deposits helps protect your time and makes sure that clients are committed to their appointments, reducing the likelihood of the dreaded no-shows. 

Daily Structure and Weekly Checklist:

Create a daily routine that includes designated time slots for specific activities, such as client appointments, admin tasks, and personal development (tip: never stop learning!) Develop a weekly checklist to track your progress and allocate time for essential aspects of your lash business, like content creation and new treatment courses.

Prioritize Three Goals:

Identify and prioritize three key goals for each day. Whether it's posting on Instagram, scheduling a lunch break, or responding to emails/ DMs. Focusing on these goals will guide your daily activities and will be a step toward your long-term success or goals.

Avoid Comparisons:

Every lash artist has a unique workflow and pace. Avoid comparing your timing and progress to others in the industry - as hard as it is. Focus on your journey, set realistic goals, and celebrate your achievements. (On that last one, make sure you celebrate your wins no matter how big or small - you work hard for your business!)

Stay Organized During Lash Appointments:

Organizing your workspace efficiently can significantly impact your overall time management. Invest in essential lash storage solutions, prepare tape and tools in advance, and keep a tidy workspace. This not only saves time during appointments but also enhances the client experience.

client punctuality

Client Punctuality:

Communicate the importance of punctuality to your clients. A well-managed schedule relies on everyone sticking to their appointment slots. Let them know that you have policies for late appointments (i.e. cancelling an appointment if they’re 15 minutes late) etc and you will get clients who respect your time.

 time management for lash artists

Remember, all these helpful tips on time management aren’t just about managing time; they’re about maximizing the value you gain from every moment in your lash business.

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