Treatment Cost Calculator

Working out how much it costs you to do a set of lashes is a great way to control your business finances and to ensure that you are making and managing your money efficiently.

At LashBase we often get asked "How much does it cost to do a set of lashes" and the answer is almost impossible to accurately say.

There are so many variables that come into it and it'll work out differently for each lash artist and client, but having an estimate and starting point is always helpful.

If maths isn't your strength then don't worry, we've done the hard work for you! We've got out the calculator and used our maths skills to work out the cost per product, per treatment for LashBase products so that you can add up your treatment total cost.


Costs can vary depending on coverage, lash thickness, fan dimension and the client’s natural lashes.

Classic $1.40 Based on 0.15mm and 95% Coverage

Volume $1.79 Based on 0.06mm 4D 85% Coverage

Promade $4.59 – Based on 5D 85% Coverage


Costs can vary depending on coverage, environmental conditions, adhesive surface technique, speed and viscosity.

Adhesive Dot Size – 0.03ml

Number of dots used per set – 5

Number of sets per bottle – 33

Cost per set - $0.89

Based on 5g size of adhesive, figures rounded to the nearest whole number.


Costs can vary depending on the frequency of use and accuracy of amount used.

Primer - $0.15

Cleanser – $0.38

FlexiBonder - $0.77

Remover - $0.32


Costs can vary depending on amount used and liquids used.

Eye Pads -  $1.15

Micropore Tape - $0.04

Microfoam Tape - $0.13

Mascara Wands– $0.10

Micro Applicators - $0.20

Adhesive Stickers – $0.17

Remover Pads (Lifted.) - $0.31

We hope this post has been helpful and given you a good starting point when it comes to working out your finances. Feel free to save or share this blog with another lash artist that might find it useful. As always if you have any questions then please get in touch on Instagram @LashBase_US and we will be happy to help.

Team LashBase x