What’s the big deal about half sets?

Eyelash extensions, as you know, are a game-changer for anyone who wants to ditch the mascara wand and wake up with gorgeous lashes. But full sets can feel overwhelming, especially for your first time clients. That's where half-set lash extensions come in! They offer a natural yet noticeable enhancement, perfect for many different occasions and lash preferences. 

Who are Half Sets for?

Half sets are a fantastic introduction to the world of lash extensions for people who are nervous about commitment. They allow your client to experience the look and feel of extensions without going all-in.


If your client loves their natural lashes but wants a little extra oomph, half sets add subtle volume and length, perfect for everyday wear.

Another selling point for half sets is the fact that they take a lot less time to apply than full sets (no need to isolate those faffy inner corner lashes!). This makes them ideal for those with hectic schedules who don't have the time to lie down for 2-3 hours. Also, as they take less time and resources to create, you can offer half sets as a more affordable treatment for your clients. 

Selling Half Sets: How to wear

Casual Chic: Enhance your everyday look with a touch of fluff. Perfect for busy moms - school runs, running errands, grabbing coffee with friends, or just a casual date night.

Work Glam: Look polished and professional without going over the top. Half sets add subtle definition to your eyes, ideal for the office environment or that important business meeting coming up.

Special Events: Add a touch of drama to your party look! Half sets with a focus on the outer lashes create a gorgeous cat-eye effect that compliments any evening look.

Holiday Vibes: Ditch the mascara and eyeliner on your trip! Half sets are low-maintenance and waterproof, perfect for worry-free travel.

Creating Half Set Lash Magic:

While the application is similar to full sets, half sets focus on strategic placement. The lash application focuses on the outer half or two-thirds of your lash line. See the lash map below.

Final Top Tip: Why not create the ultimate half set but carry out a lash lift on the inner third or half of the lash line and extensions on the outer corner. This way you get the most beautiful cat eye with a very subtle transition from natural lashes to extensions. Stay tuned for the next blog where we will be talking through half sets with lash lifts!

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