Why try lBX

Over the past 13 years we have been working tirelessly to research, develop and create the ultimate lash range that can help improve the quality of work and meet (and exceed) as many lash artists expectations, whether you’re a beginner or a master. So we are super excited to introduce to you our LBX Collection lash extension collection. 

In our opinion, lashes are the most personal preference product that exists in our industry but we know you’re going to be obsessed with the LBX range of lashes.

We have put together a helpful guide explaining the key features from this range and how they will benefit your lashing.

Born from 10 years of experience, knowledge and research, Cruelty-free & Vegan-friendly (100% synthetic/faux material).

  • The highest quality raw materials (PBT)
  • Tapered to create a softer and lighter lash
  • Consistent, long-lasting curls
  • Increased quality control checks
  • True black color
  • Mid-range matte finish
  • 16 strips per box
  • Foil strips for easy lash palette removal
  • 2mm strip for easy use
  • Stickiness adjusted for perfect removal
  • Cardboard trays for reduced environmental waste
  • Created exclusively for LashBase
  • Coloured lashes available to create dramatic looks

    We have a variety of sizes and curls which can be tailored into any of your lash treatments meaning they are the perfect lash for creating  classics, hybrid, volume and mega volume sets.

    The coloured LBX Eyelash Extensions are perfect for adding a touch of color to a set of lashes, or dare to be different by creating a bold look by using a full set of lashes.

    We hope you LOVE the range and we can’t wait to see what you create! To find out more or to find lash inspo for your own sets follow our instagram page @lashbase_us

    Shop the collection today head over to LashBase.com