What are Double Fans?

double fan lashVolume lashes are extremely popular in the lashing world. But how about making them fuller, not just along the lash line, but in depth too. Mixing lash curls in a lash set is very normal and a great way to even out natural lashes that have different curls. But now we’re mixing curls in the lash fans to give a more dramatic and fluffy look. 


Say hello to an industry first - LashBase Double Fans.

why use double fans

Faster Application

These are promade fans meaning you do not need to spend time creating the fan yourself. The fans have pinched bases so are just as good as hand-making them… What will you do with the time you get back from not having to make your fans? Take a break? Book in another client? The option is yours! 

Enhanced Volume

These fans are made with two 6D fans layered on top of each other with different curls, creating more fluff in one fan. This also means that the volume is more natural-looking as you won't need to place two separate fans to get the same dimension.

double fans faq

How do you apply the Double Fans?

You would use these the same way that you use promade fans for a volume set.

What does a Double Fan lash set look like?

double fan lash sets

What does the Double Fans box include?

16 lines of mixed length (8-15mm) 0.03 lashes in 12D Fans (6D of each curl) in an XXL size tray. 

Choose the option of 2 curl combinations C/CC or CC/D (the top curl will be the curliest of the two). 

lashbase double fans box

Which lash curls do double fans consist of

Lash curl combinations available: C / CC or CC / D
double fans 6d 12D


The C curl used to be one of the most popular lash curls because of how versatile it is. The C Curl helps give an extra lift and is the standard curl used by most lash techs. It’s perfect for most clients as it helps to open the eyes and it suits most eye shapes.  For clients with downward or heavy downward lashes, a C curl can help give a more lifted look.


The CC curl is the most popular lash curl and helps achieve more drama. This curl can be used on clients with straight or curly lashes. Whilst a C curl is closest to natural lashes, a CC is a good way to slightly enhance naturally curly lashes. It’s also the best way to add volume to natural lashes that are curled on their own. 


The D curl is super curly for a more rounded curl and extreme effect. Curlier than CC, the D curl helps to create and open-eye effect for clients with downward lashes. A D curl is best for doll eyes, especially if your client has straight lashes. A D curl also helps widen most eyes and enhances the shape of your client’s eyes. This curl type is perfect for clients with small eyes who want to widen and brighten them.

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