Products and tips to help with sensitivity!

Throughout your lash career, you’ll probably come across clients who have sensitivity to adhesive fumes. 

However, there are a few products and tips that can help tackle sensitivity!  In todays blog we're going to run through a few ways you can reduce sensitivity and tell you about some products that can help too. 


When we think of lash extension sensitivity we often think of adhesive. However, there’s no such thing as a ‘sensitive free’ adhesive or a ‘hypoallergenic’ adhesive – these are simply marketing buzz words.

Although there's so magic adhesive that's completely 'sensitive' you can purchase adhesives that have low fume and odour to help with sensitivity. Our Extreme Plus Adhesive has minimal odor, minimal fumes and is long lasting and is a great choice for clients who are sensitive to adhesive fumes.

Another option is to consider switching to a clear adhesive. Crystal Plus Clear Eyelash Extension Adhesive is good option if you have clients that feel they have a particular allergy to carbon (standard black) adhesives. This Crystal Plus Clear Eyelash Extension Adhesive is specially formulated to be carbon-free, hence the clear colour. 

Lash Fans

Lash Fans are great for removing fumes and vapor from the client's eye area to reduce the risk of sensitivities. It’s important to have air movement/ventilation at the point of application to move vapors away from the eye. Otherwise, vapors will fall back onto the face, and in particular fall into the eye area due to moisture. We have a couple of different fan options available at LashBase, including our Pro Fan which is great for helping clients with sensitivities.


Another product that can help with sensitivities is FlexiBonder. FlexiBonder helps reduce any tiny air bubbles between the clients natural lash and the adhesive. It also helps neutralise adhesive fumes, to help you provide a safer treatment and reduce any unneeded sensitivities. Just apply one drop across the adhesive bonds post application to promote flexibility in the adhesive bond. 

Neutralise your adhesive.

Adhesive fumes are one of the biggest causes of irritation/sensitivity. However, there is a way to help tackle this, by neutralizing your adhesive.

Water polymerizes/cures adhesive so if you want to help prevent irritation, simple drop a water droplet onto your adhesive dot. We recommend that you do this each time you replace your adhesive dot. You will then reduce the number of being close to your clients’ eyes.

Remember: this technique is used to neutralize old adhesive, do not add water to a fresh dot.

Lower fumes = less chance of irritation.

Tape down you client’s mask

Another top tip is to tape down your client’s mask! You may find the mask is causing the clients breath to come up towards the eyes which is causing the fumes to settle around the eye which will increase sensitivity.  Before you begin the treatment, tape down your client’s mask using Micropore Tape, this will help!


The correct application process is key when lashing. Remember less is more. Use the smallest amount of adhesive to create a bond, any excess adhesive could cause sensitisation if it not cured. As soon as the client opens their eyes if there is to much adhesive on the lash vapors will be attracted to moisture in the eyes and they can become sensitive.  

We hope you found this blog post helpful, as always if you have any questions please feel free to send us a DM on Instagram @LashBase_US and we’ll be happy to help!