Lashing in hot weather!

Summer is finally here, and the temperature outside is starting to get warmer! Whilst this is great news for everyone, its bad news for lash artists, as hot weather can often affect adhesive performance. 

We have seen a lot of lash technicians struggling with their lash adhesive and lash retention recently, and whilst there are loads of variables that can affect this, the change in temperature definitely plays a part. 

So, how can you tackle lashing in hot weather and keep your adhesive performing as it should? Here are some of our top tips: 

Storage: Your adhesive must be stored in conditions dictated by your supplier. We suggest storing in a cool dark place where temperature fluctuations are unlikely to occur. So don't leave your adhesive in a hot space overnight for example the boot of your car. 

Invest in an airtight container, and store your adhesive in a cool dark place, out of direct sunlight. Consider how you are storing you adhesive overnight and avoid leaving it in a conservatory/spaces where the temperature is likely to change. 

Humidity: Your adhesive must be used in optimal conditions. Our adhesives work great between 40-60% humidity (always check the product description and supplier guidelines). If your humidity changes rapidly throughout the day the adhesive may cure quicker or slower than you expect. This can catch you off guard and have an effect on retention.  

Temperature: As the weather gets warmer, and the heat increases, adhesives will behave differently. If you are struggling to achieve a stable room temperature of 64.4-75.2 Degrees Fahrenheit then you will need to adjust the amount of adhesive you are using.

Remember: you can open an window, invest in an air con unit or a fan to try and bring that temperature down.  

Shake Your Adhesive: The warmer weather makes the adhesive ingredients harder to mix. So you really need to vigorously shake your adhesive before use. Otherwise, by the time you reach the second half of the bottle, it’ll be no good. Remember you can use the LashBase Handheld Shaker to help!  

This time of year is possibly the toughest, so keep at it. Use every tactic you can… air con, hydrometers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, use proper ventilation, use correct storage and use the correct amount of adhesive. You can even choose a slower drying adhesive to counteract the issue.


Now, let's have some fun. Take our 'Lashing in Hot Weather' Quiz

Q.1 If your Humidity is high you should do what with your adhesive? Switch to a faster setting adhesive

  1. Switch to a slower setting adhesive
  2. Nothing

Q. 2 Where should you store your lash adhesive?

  1. In a cool, dry and dark place 
  2. In a warm, moist, light place
  3. In the boot of your car

Q.3 If your adhesive is ‘gloopy’ it is:

  1. Too hot
  2. Too cold
  3. Too hot OR Too cold

Q.4 When the temperature rises, your adhesive:

  1. Cures faster
  2. Cures slower
  3. Stays the same

Q.5 If you brush through a set and lash “ping” or “brush” off, why does this happen?

  1. Adhesive has gone-off
  2. Adhesive has set too quickly
  3. Adhesive hasn’t set yet

Q.6 Suncream can impact retention, true or false?

  1. True 
  2. False


Q1 - 2, Q2 - 1, Q3 - 3, Q4 - 1, Q5 - 2, Q6 - 1 

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