My Academy - How to become a LashBase Training Affiliate

All you need to know about My Academy

Education is at the forefront of everything that we do here at LashBase as we believe that great education is the only way to improve the lash industry over the long term. This is why we have a whole department dedicated to supporting lash trainers across the country.

We offer award winning products at heavily discounted prices, to ensure that new starters get the best products and the trainers can still provide value during tough economic times.

We understand that having "great products" isn't enough, so we also open up a priority support network with trainers to ensure they have access to up to date lash industry information to pass on.

This means that by being a part of our "My Academy" set up will give students the best start to their lash journey as well as giving additional authority and credibility to the trainers academy business and improving the lash industry as a whole which is a win-win situation for all involved.

We are currently supply over 350 Lash Training Academies with training kits, all over the UK and are looking to have the same for the US. If you choose to use LashBase kits for your training, then you’ll become a LashBase Affiliated Training academy and there are plenty of PROS for you to sign up to this specialist program!

Win: Students get great products to improve their first lashing experiences.

Win: Trainers get more exposure and student bookings through our interactive map and marketing efforts as well as access to our training materials database.

Win: The lash industry gets new lash artists with the tools and knowledge to push the industry forward.

Win: We frequently get asked where lash artists can carry out training with our products, giving us a great opportunity to point them in your direction


Firstly, you must be an accredited trainer! You will need to sign up by emailing our affiliate Training Account Manager on , you can then choose to build your own bespoke training kits or opt for an, already created, LashBase training kit and save yourself up to 40% in the process. Once you are enlisted as an affiliate you will be able to order from your very own, exclusive online portal with ease. It really is as simple as that! 

We can’t wait to welcome many more training academies to our program! If you found this blog helpful and you would like more information about My Academy get in touch with