LashBase Lash Tiles

Using lash tiles during treatment is the best way to organize the lashes for a set. Luckily for you, we have SO MANY to choose from!

Using the perfect tile for you can help speed up your application time - meaning quicker treatments and more £££! We decided that now is the time to educate everyone on the differences between our lash tiles and why we have so many choices.

1. Anti-Glare Lash Tile

Our anti-glare lash tiles are the ultimate upgrade in lash extension applications! Most lash tiles have a reflective surface that can bounce overhead light and can distract from fan making and lash pickup. Our Anti-Glare lash tile is ultra-matte designed to completely nullify light from your lash light. This lash tile has no lines or numbers to allow you complete flexibility when using. Both our anti-glare lash tile sizes come with a strong protective cover which makes storing and stacking easy! The perfect accessory for your lash room.

Anti-Glare Lash Tile

2. Premium Lash Tile

It has to be one of our favourites at LashBase. It perfectly fits up to 10 strips of lashes and has a sleek design! Have your lash extension strips at the ready, perfect for storing too. This tile is also super easy to use and clean.

Premium Lash Tile

3. Value Lash Tile

Our Value Lash Tile is the cheapest Lash Tile we sell. It can perfectly fit up to 10 strips of lashes and looks great too. It is easy to use and clean and made from plastic which allows for minimal damage over time. It's the perfect lash tile for those who might be beginners or just starting their lashing career.

4. Eyelash Extensions Hand Tile

If you love working from the hand, then this is the perfect accessory for you. Our Lash Hand Tile comes with a strap, velcro attachment, and tile. It is super lightweight and comfortable, the tile can be attached to a velcro hand strap and worn comfortably all day whilst applying eyelash extensions. Similar to our lash dome this allows you to practice your application speed as you can lash closer to your client’s face. This tile comes in 2 shapes, round and rectangular, and can fit 6 strips of lashes in total. A ‘handy’ lashing accessory all artists should consider.
Eyelash Extensions Hand Tile

5. Lash Dome Tile

Our exclusive Lash Dome Tile helps assist with making fans easily by spreading the lashes apart making fanning your volume lashes so much easier! This is the ‘must have’ accessory for a volume lash tech. Can also be used for classic lashing to assist the lash artist in practicing faster application. The lightweight palette fits perfectly to your hand or wrist with the easy-to-use adjustable velcro strap.

Lash Dome Tile
6. Glass Lash Tile

This lash tile includes a convenient adhesive well to dispense your adhesive into! This really helps speed up application time. Our Glass Lash Tile is also easy to clean. Perfect for beginners to intermediate lash artists who want to practice and improve their application speed.

Glass Lash Tile

Your lash tile should cater to your personal lashing preference, that’s why we have so many options to choose from here at LashBase. We can’t wait to hear what your favourite lash tile is - so remember to tag us on your socials!

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