Lash Photo Taking and Editing

Lash Photo Taking and Editing

Written by Emma Carter
Owner of UK Lash Salon Luxe Lash and Beauty Bar  

This can be a controversial subject but something I feel passionately about.

So the question is do I edit my photos? Truthfully… yes. Personally, I feel that as long as you are not editing the lashes then editing is a great way to help showcase your work.


We’ve all come across pictures and found ourselves looking at other parts of the image such as stray eyebrow hairs rather than the lashes, this is where I feel editing comes in. The aim when editing our pictures is to ensure the focus is solely on the lashes we have created plus we want our clients to feel comfortable with having their picture taken knowing we won’t put an unflattering picture online.

So here are my do’s and don’ts for photo editing


  • Remove any breakouts or blemishes they might make the client feel uncomfortable being in the picture
  • Whiten the whites of the eyes, this should be subtle but will help if they have naturally more yellow eyes.
  • Remove any stray brow hairs that may be distracting.
  • Detailing of the pupil, this doesn’t always need to be done but if done correctly can draw your attention to the eyes and lashes.
  • Even the skin tone, by this I mean hide dark circles or any areas where you may have disturbed the client's makeup.
  • Smooth the skin.


  • Change the shape of the eyes or lashes.
  • Edit the lashes in any way
  • Darken the lash line – this gives a false representation of how the lashes will look and your clients will then be disappointed when they don’t look as dark as your pictures.

Editing should always be subtle and enhance your work without it looking over-edited and un-natural. I have included some pictures to show the images before and after editing.

All this being said you can achieve some beautiful pictures with or without editing, here are my tips for great photo-taking

  • Ensure you have a good light source; my personal favorite is the LashBase ring light. This will ensure your pictures are bright and you can see the lashes clearly, it will also bring out the colors in the pupil which enhances the overall look of the lashes.
  • Brush those lashes! I get the clients to keep their eyes closed while I brush the lashes into position as the bright light can make their eyes water and then get them to open them just for the pictures.
  • Take plenty of pictures, and I mean loads! My camera roll is full of lash pictures. Snap away from all different angles and then you can pick the best ones later.
  • Make sure you take photos of both eyes as well as some full face shots, when taking full-face pictures, take them from the head end to avoid an unflattering angle.
  • Flash pictures – make sure you have turned your other light source off to avoid overexposure and always pre-warn your client about the flash.
You don’t need a fancy camera to take good lash pics! I use my I phone 8, happy snapping!