How to use brown lashes

When it comes to eyelash extensions, we’ve just accepted black as the go to but this can be quite a dramatic outcome for a lot of your client base! Lash extensions are unique to each and every client, meaning black lashes should not always be your first choice of color!

Hair and skin color
It’s important to remember this is not a “one size fits all” sort of industry. The colour of your clients hair and skin plays one of the most important parts in helping you decide which extensions to use.

Blonde / fair and red-haired clients have lighter natural eyelashes and paler skin. Using black eyelashes on a fair or red haired client can often be too much of a dramatic contrast, therefore, brown eyelash extensions are the perfect match to create a more natural result. 

The natural look
We’ve all experienced clients who wish to have extensions but want to keep their lashes as natural as possible! Brown lashes are perfect for these clients as they can create a soft look whilst enhancing the clients natural lashes!

Mature clients
As you age, your natural lashes become thinner and weaker and you may have excess skin on the eyelid. Brown eyelashes are a great option for the mature client as they softly frame the eye without being too dramatic.

First timers
First time clients often arrive at their appointments with anxieties that will dislike their lashes and are nervous about the final outcome! Offering brown lashes are perfect for your new and nervous clients who are maybe more hesitant- if a client has never had eyelash extensions before, a full set with black eyelashes may be a shock to the system which may put the client off from returning! Brown eyelashes appear more natural, and will enable your client to ease into the process!
We hope you have found this blog post helpful! If you try brown lashes on your clients or already love them, then share you looks with us on our Instagram page by tagging @LashBase_US