How to get more clients

Hi guys, my name is Jamie and I run all things marketing here at LashBase Inc. I want to help you with some easy ways to gain more clients. A plan that works for both salons and also home-based lash techs.

In short, there is no “quick fix” or “secret tactic” to gaining more clients. There is just an end result of several small steps that you need to complete, consistently, from now until you have your books filled (and maybe even longer than that).

I have broken it down into 5 sections and when these are added together, they become a powerful client building platform that will have your diaries filled in no time.

1. The Experience.

Sometimes we get ourselves fixated on likes, comments, and tags as the only way to get the word out about our work. While this is important, the best way to get more clients is through creating an experience for your current clients that will make them want to go and tell someone about it. If you can focus on making the lash appointment more than just the end result, your client will be more likely to spread the word. Treat your client as a person, like a friend, rather than just a number. Offer them a drink, keep your room/salon clean, ask them about something they mentioned at their previous appointment, show you care. All of these things will make you stand out from the crowd and your client will recommend you to anyone that asks. If each client tells just 2 people about you and your work, your diary will fill up very quickly!

2. Social Media.

As mentioned in point 1, Social Media is extremely important. BUT, and this is a big BUT, it’s only good if you use it correctly. Social Media isn’t about gaining as many followers and getting as many likes as possible. It’s about engaging with others and building a community. To use social media for your business and to gain more clients you need to be commenting on as many posts of your clients and followers as possible, as often as possible. This will help bring awareness to you and your page and make you look more genuine and approachable. Plus by doing so, more people will find you and your business. Social Media is a big subject, so if you’d like more on how to use social media for your business, head to my Instagram page (@LashBase_Jamie).

3. Aftercare.

I’m not talking about the client cleaning their lashes, even though if your clients look after their lashes they will last longer and they will be happier. I mean the aftercare you give the client. You should always set yourself a reminder on your phone to send a text or email or even a phone call to ask how they are getting on with their lashes. You can even send birthday texts to show that you are thinking about them. Keeping in touch with your client will show that you take your job seriously, will increase your client retention and also improve the likeliness that your client tells a friend about you. If you just do a client’s lashes and then wait for them to contact you, you are shooting yourself in the foot! Be friendly, be interested and give them a good aftercare service.

4. Price.

Most people believe that to get more clients you need to lower your prices. This is 100% the wrong thing to do. By lowering your prices, all you are doing is cheapening your service and profession and giving yourself more work to do just to make the same amount of money. You should make sure that you price yourself in line with your reputation. Would you rather have 10 clients paying $100 or 20 paying $50? You’d earn the same with half the work. So keep your prices as they are and focus on the above 3 points to gain the clients you need.

5. Promotions.

This last point moves on nicely from point 4. You don’t need to lower your prices but running promotions can be a quick way to get new clients in. There are many different types of promotions that you can try. For example, a refer a friend promotion always works well because you can offer a current client a cheaper set if they can get a friend in to pay full price. On the flip side, running small discounts isn’t always a successful promotional idea because it doesn’t “wow” people into committing with you, so avoid 10% or 20% off if you can. Either offer promotions that appear huge or try out loyalty and referral schemes.

So there you have it. If you can make sure you are working on all 5 points, every day, for a consistent period of time. You will have clients begging for an appointment.

Don’t forget, if you want more help and advice, find me on Instagram @LashBase_Jamie