Ever had an adhesive go stringy? Read this!

Ever had an adhesive go stringy? Read this!

When you think you’ve seen it all, something comes along and stops you in your tracks.

And today, that major inconvenience is in the form of a newly purchased adhesive coming out STRINGY!

Now, what on earth could be causing this? Has it gone off? Is it a "faulty batch" Spoiler: It isn’t a faulty batch. Or could it be something else?

Surprisingly, the answer is simple.

A short, simple answer:

The adhesive is too cold.

Educational Answer:

All lash adhesives have an optimal range of environmental conditions in which they work perfectly. Most of the time, and as a rule of thumb, it’s at a temperature of between 64.4° – 75.2°F and relative humidity of between 40% – 60%.

If the conditions stray from those ranges, your adhesive will act, look and work differently (and poorly).

The stringy-ness that occasionally occurs in adhesive is quite simply because the adhesive is too cold. When adhesive drops below 64.4°F the viscosity (thickness) changes. This then gives your adhesive it’s stringy texture.

The stringing aspect comes from the special flexible ingredient within our adhesives (our special secret ingredient much like KFCs 11 secret herbs and spices). This ingredient makes a huge difference by promoting longer-lasting bonds (compared to other adhesives) and even better than that, it also gives the adhesive high oil, heat, humidity & water resistance (something we are very proud of).

The Cure:

For a start, don’t bin it!

The cure is actually as simple as the answer. All you need to do is bring your adhesive back up to room temperature and then give it a good old fashioned shake. This will then turn your “stringy” adhesive back into the perfect, professional-performance adhesive that you were used to. Easy.

We also have a little video that shows the difference in adhesive performance below. The video shows 2 of our adhesives from the SAME BATCH. One has been kept at 53.6°F and the other at room temperature (68°F). The simple change in temperature has a huge effect on how it behaves.

So in conclusion, make sure your adhesive is stored at room temperature OR make sure you bring the adhesive up to room temperature BEFORE you start using it.

Thank you for reading! If you found this useful or know someone that might find this helpful, share the love!