Different Fan Widths

Different Fan Widths  

In todays blog we are discussing fan widths! When it comes to creating volume sets it can be hard to decide on which fan width to use. If you’re not sure which option to choose, we’ve put together a few helpful tips below:

Before we begin, its important to remember that all options are correct (it always comes down to the client, and the set you’re trying to achieve) If created with even spacing and symmetry, you’ll produce a beautiful and fluffy set every time!

Want to know which width is best to use? Here’s a quick breakdown:

Narrow fan: this width is perfect for when a client has lots of natural lashes. Narrow fans produce a darker, denser lash line and neat, even finish.

Medium fan: many in the lash industry call this ‘the perfect fan’. Here are the exact dimensions to aim for; 3D - 2mm width, 4D - 3mm width, 5D - 4mm width & 6D - 5mm width.

Wide fan: the wide fan is great for clients who have naturally sparse lashes as you’ll want to ‘fill in the gaps’ to create the illusion of a fuller lash line. However, this width can sometimes lack density, neatness and direction, due to light shining through and the overlapping of the lashes.

LashBase Lash Fans Narrow Wide Lash Set

If you’ve been a volume artist for a while you may have heard of the terms ‘long root’ and ‘short root’, if you’re not sure what kind of look each root achieves, we’ve listed a short description below:

Short Root: will create a wide fan (will give the illusion of a fuller lash line)

Long Root: will create a narrow fan (will create a dense, dark lash line)

Top Tip: If you find your adhesive is travelling up your lash fans, try using PerfectFan. Just apply the product across the lash extension strip 1mm from the base. Then re-apply when your fans start to misbehave!

We hope you found this blog helpful, if you have any questions about lash fans, drop us a DM on Instagram @LashBase_US and we’ll be happy to help.