The LashBase Handheld Shaker


The LashBase Handheld Shaker.

The perfect lash assistant to have by your side at all times! Your lash adhesive will be ready to use in just a matter of seconds after using the LashBase Handheld Shaker. 

The LashBase Handheld Shaker is a lash adhesive shaker that mixes in seconds, ensuring all the ingredients are properly mixed so you're ready to lash! 

Lash adhesive care and preparation can often seem like a full-time job in itself. The LashBase Handheld Shaker takes away the stress and ensures your adhesive performs at its best.

Works with all lash adhesive lids.

The LashBase Handheld Shaker
2 x Attachments

2 x AAA batteries required

How to use:

Simply place the adhesive bottle in the end of the shaker, turn the shaker on and your lash adhesive will be good to go!

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