PROeffect Strip Lash Applicators

$6 $7.50

Our PROeffect Strip Lash Applicators are perfect for precise strip lash application.

This high-quality lash applicator is a must-have when it comes to applying your favourite strip lashes. The curved end of the Strip Lash Applicator perfectly holds the strip lash, and the tip can be used to adjust the lash accordingly, for a precise finish.

  • Black or White Colors
  • Easy to use
  • For strip lashes
  • Non-slip grip

How to use:

Hold proeffects or strip lashes in place by placing the curved tip of the applicator at the base of the stip and gently pick them up.

Place the false lashes on top of your lash line (or below the lash line for pro effects) and release for simple and steady application.

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