PROeffect Essential Remover


NEW IN: PROeffect Essential Remover

Our new PROeffect Essential Remover works to gently and easily remove PROeffect+ Lashes applied using our PROeffect Lash Bond, by gently lifting the bond off of the lashes. ⁣

Please note: As this is an oil-based makeup remover, we do NOT recommend using it with lash extensions. 

PROeffect Essential Remover MSDS

How to use PROeffect Essential Remover:

Dispense a small amount of essential make up remover onto a cotton pad and gently rub your PROeffect lashes in a downward motion from the root down.

As the bond breaks down, the PROeffect lashes will loosen and you will be able to remove the lashes easily without pulling on your natural lashes. Wipe away and rinse with water to get rid of any left over residue.

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