Premium Tweezers Bundle


 Premium Tweezer Bundle

We know lash tweezers come in many shapes and sizes and have different uses for different parts of the lash treatment. We also know that choosing a pair of tweezers is down to personal preference. As a lash artist, you need to feel comfortable with the tools you are using. This is why we’ve put together a Premium tweezer bundle including the best of our range!

Straight Isolation:

Recommended for: Classic lashing, perfect for isolating and great for removing lash strips from the case.

Our tweezers are ergonomically designed to perfectly isolate each natural lash (no more stickies in your lash sets!) and with an ultra-fine tip, you can even get to those tiny inner corner lashes.

The straight isolation tweezers are also made from a lightweight metal which will reduce hand fatigue, making sure you create the best lash sets with minimal discomfort and the best grip.

Original Boot

Recommended for: Volume Lash Application

Recommended fanning technique: All except ‘finger pinch’ and ‘finger roll’

Swan Light Curved

Recommended for: Isolation, Classic, Volume and Mega Volume Lash Application

Recommended fanning technique: All

Product details:

  • Material: Surgical grade stainless steel.
  • Machine ground point and face for accuracy (not simply stamped).

More Information

Each tweezers is designed to be the perfect size and weight for eyelash treatments. We understand that every lash technician has their own preference when it comes to tweezers. So, if you're not sure which tweezers to choose? Click to read our blog post which focuses on Which Tweezers Are The Best For Lash Extensions.

Benefits of our Premium Tweezers include: Free replacements for 1 year, Hand Tested, 30-day money-back guarantee*, Read the full terms HERE.

    Please Note: Colored tweezers should not be left in sanitizing solutions as the color can erode.

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