Pink Gel Lash Adhesive Remover


Pink Gel Lash Adhesive and Brow Extension Adhesive Remover. For the de-bonding of eyelash adhesive (or brow extension adhesives). Our Pink Gel Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Remover works with all eyelash glues and is perfect for the LashBase No.1 range of adhesives.

Being a gel-type remover it is easy to use with a microfiber brush or applicator wand. Contains approximately 18ml of remover gel. The Pink Gel Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Remover is faster and stronger than any other remover we have tried. The bottle will appear only 3/4 full as it is sold by weight not volume. Avoid remover getting into contact with skin or eyes. After some time the remover may remove the head of a microfiber brush.

The LashBase No.1 range is from the worlds leading supplier of eyelash adhesives. The products have been developed to work together so you can be sure the primer will create an excellent base for the adhesive, the adhesive will adhere and the remover will de-bond. NOT tested on animals, DOES conform to all EU laws and regulations.

Pink Gel Lash Adhesive Remover SDS

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