Lifted. Lifting & Lamination Wrap

$4.80 $6
Lifting and Lamination Plastic Wrap. Works wonders with our comfy eye mask.

If you use cling film as part of your Lifted treatments, then this new product is sure to make your life easier.

Our new Lifting and Lamination Plastic Wrap not only saves time, but also reduces clutter at your workstation.

Our wrap acts as a solution insulator and helps increase the temperature and processing speed and quality.

Our plastic wrap comes in a compact box, with a small side opening, allowing you to dispense with ease. You no longer need to worry about using a roll of cling film, as we've included a slide cutter inside.  Simply attach the slide cutter to the side of the box and dispense and cut your plastic wrap when needed.

Perfect for use as part of a lash lift or brow lamination treatment.

42mm x 200m

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