Lifted. Lift 1


NEW larger, multi-use sachets, same price! Previous total volume 4.5ml NOW 8ml!

Lash Lift Timings
Fine/Thin: 10-11 minutes for step 1 and 6-7 minutes for step 2
Normal: 12-13 minutes for step 1 and 8 minutes for step 2
Coarse/Thick: 14-15 minutes for step 1 and 9-10 minutes for step 2

Brow Lamination Timings
Fine/Thin: 6-8 minutes for step 1 and 4-5 minutes for step 2
Normal: 8-10 minutes for step 1 and 5-7 minutes for step 2
Coarse/Thick: 10-12 minutes for step 1 and 6-8 for step 2

Full guidelines available below.

Lifted. Lift 1. 

10 Sachets. Up to 3 treatments per sachet.

Step 1 of the 3-step system. Lift allows the lashes to curl naturally around the contour of the shield. The Lash Lift and Brow Lamination perming lotion works as a curling agent and softener so the hairs can be lifted and moulded into a new shape.

Once opened, if sealed correctly, Lifted. sachets can be used for up to 2 weeks.

The shelf life of Lifted. sachets are 12 months. The expiry date is printed on the packaging.

Lifted Guidelines

Lifted. System SDS

Note: The expiry date printed on sachets is in UK format DD/MM/YY

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