Lifted. Adhesive


The Lifted. Lash Lifting Adhesive is a key part of the Lash Lift and Brow Lamination treatment. It allows you to lift the hairs into place before you begin the Lifted. 3-step system. Once the treatment is complete, the Lifted. Lash Lift Glue is easy to remove – just use a damp cotton bud.

Lifted. Guidelines

Lifted Adhesive SDS

How to use:

Apply the Lifted. Adhesive along the underside of the lash shield, wait a few seconds, and place on the client's eyelid, ensuring the shield is as close to the lash line as possible.

Hold securely until the lash lift glue has set. Work in small sections and apply a thin amount of lash-lifting adhesive along the edge of the shield.

Comb the lashes on the lash shield until the lashes have fully adhered and you're good to proceed with your lash/ brow treatment.

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