Color Lashes - Dark Brown 0.03mm

$13.60 $17

Say hello to Dark Brown Lashes! We now stock a variety of brown lashes for the perfect natural look.

Black or brown? It's down to your client's preference but these dark brown lashes tend to look great on fairer-skinned clients with blonde or red hair as the look is a lot softer.

Crafted with the highest quality PBT fibers for superior curl consistency, and available in both mixed and single lengths, these lashes are a must-have for any professional lash artist!

Get luxurious, voluminous eyes with Brown Lash Extensions - 16 rows of 0.03 lashes, great for making mega volume fans.

Mix Tray; 8mm (1), 9mm (1), 10mm (2), 11mm (2) 12mm (3), 13mm (3), 14mm (2), 15mm (1), 16mm (1).

Top Tip: 

For the best retention, use our Supreme Adhesive and Flexibonder.

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