6D Narrow Fans - 900 Fans

$27.20 $34

6D Narrow Fans - 0.05 & 0.07 thickness

Narrow Fans are here, and we cannot wait to see your lash sets using them!

At just $0.05 per fan coupled with 900 fans per tray, our narrow fans offer unbelievable value which means you can lash for less and make more profit per client. It's a win-win. If you are yet to try them, or even understand exactly why they are used, here's some detail for you...

What are narrow fans?

They typically have long stems that allow a larger bonding area to the natural lashes therefore narrow fans achieve great retention! They are the ideal lash to create a dramatic, voluminous and more uniformed lash look, however it’s important to know that if a lash fan becomes too narrow, it may not give as much volume.

They are also a great option to use on clients with lots of natural lashes, they give great density and darkness at the base and tip, which means you can achieve the ultimate strip lash look and perfect top line!

Click here to read our latest blog post about the Narrow Fan release, and why they should be added straight to your lash cart.


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