6D Double Layer Volume Fans - Black / Brown

$27.20 $34

Double Fans

New to LashBase with limited stock that you won’t find anywhere else!

These new double fans are perfect for making your volume sets EXTRA fluffy. Each fan has been crafted with pinched bases and two different shade curls layered on top of each other (Top layer is brown and bottom layer is black), which give extra dimension to the lash line with minimal effort required by you.

With the option of C+CC curl fans or CC+D fans, you can give your clients a stunning, more natural, voluminous look. 

More Information:

16 Lines, Mixed lengths (8-15mm) - XXL size tray

Rows: 2 x 8mm, 3 x 9mm, 3 x 10mm, 3 x 11mm, 3 x 12mm, 2 x 13mm, 2 x 14mm, 2 x 15mm.

2 Curls C/CC and CC/D

Bottom Curl - C / Top Curl - CC | Bottom Curl - CC / Top Curl - D

Lash thickness - 0.03

(100% synthetic/faux material)

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