Isolation Tweezers

Isolation Tweezers for quick and easy lash treatments

LashBase isolation lash tweezers are ergonomically designed to make sure your wrist and hand is as comfortable as possible. Browse our angled and curved tweezers here.

Lash Isolation Tweezers?

Lash isolation tweezers are specially designed tools used to separate and isolate individual eyelashes during the extension application process. They are characterized by their fine, pointed tips that allow lash artists to pick and isolate a single lash with precision. This precision is vital in ensuring that the natural lashes are isolated from one another, preventing lash stickies.

Lash isolation tweezers enable lash artists to work efficiently and with control. Isolating lashes ensures that each extension is bonded to a single natural lash, resulting in a more seamless and natural look. This not only enhances the overall appearance but also increases lash retention.

When natural lashes are correctly isolated, there is minimal risk of extensions sticking to neighboring lashes (lash stickies), reducing discomfort and potential damage.

Investing in a quality pair of lash isolation tweezers is a step towards achieving stunning and long-lasting lash extensions.

Premium Tweezers

When you purchase a Premium Lash Tweezer, you get multiple benefits which include 1 Year FREE Replacements!

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