Supreme Lash Adhesive 0.5-1 Seconds

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Supreme is the most recent addition to the LashBase Eyelash Extensions Adhesive range and is super-fast and flexible. We have created this adhesive in collaboration with our manufacturers, it is one of a kind, exclusive to us and only us. This eyelash extensions adhesive is best suited to highly experienced lash technicians as it cures in just 0.5 of a second! We do not recommend this eyelash extensions adhesive for beginners! If you work quickly and have been lashing for a long time, then Supreme is the adhesive for you.

Fast setting, low fumes/odour, and long lasting. Latex free.

Color: Black
Curing Time: 0.5 - 1 Second
Viscosity: Thin
Ideal Humidity: 40 – 70%
Ideal Temperature: 64-76 Degrees Fahrenheit

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Our adhesive is triple purified which gives it a longer life and fewer impurities. Once opened use within 6 weeks. Always put the lid back on and keep at room temperature. Contains Cyanoacrylate. 

We have put our 10 years' worth of experience, knowledge, and resources into upgrading every aspect of our world-leading adhesives. Never compromising on quality whilst continuing to be an industry advocate of meeting regulatory demands. Choosing to use any of our adhesive range shows that you care about quality, that you care about client safety and it shows that you are a true professional of your craft.

Cruelty-free & Vegan-friendly.

Supreme Lash Adhesive SDS

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