Lash Neutral (pH Balancer)

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Lash Neutral (pH Balancer) is a game-changer when it comes to achieving the best lash retention. 

We all know how important temperature and humidity are to the performance of your adhesive but did you know that there is a third equally important factor to control for the best lash retention? The pH level of the surface that you are lashing.

If your client's lashes are too acidic, your lash adhesive will set slower and cause adhesive bonds to shrink and become weak, resulting in poor retention. And if your client's lashes are too alkaline, your lash adhesive will set too fast and unevenly which will also result in poor retention. 

LashNeutral creates the perfect pH-neutral surface for the best possible performance and adhesive bonds.

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Lash Neutral can be applied to practice lashes and strip lashes to help your lash adhesive bond and cure as it should. 

How to use:

  • After cleansing, use this as the final step before you start lashing.
  • Use a microfiber-brush to swipe this product from the base to the tip of the natural lashes, much in the same way that you use a primer.

Important Technique Tips:

  • Do not oversaturate the natural lashes.
  • Let the lashes dry for 1-2 mins or use a handheld fan prior to lash application. 
  • To get the best results, cleanse your client's eyelids and lashes with a foaming cleanser (Purified Sensitive) and then use Lash Neutral before you start lashing and you will notice a huge difference in your client's retention. 

*Previously pink liquid*

Lash Neutral (pH Balancer) SDS

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