Lash Mapping Pens (pack of 4)

$3.20 $4

4 high-quality Lash Mapping Pens that are perfect for drawing lash maps on all tapes and eye pads.

A must-have for all lash artists! Lash Mapping Pens are great for classic lash maps, hybrid lash maps, volume lash maps, and even mega-volume lash maps.

One of the main benefits of lash mapping is that it helps to maintain symmetry between both eyes. When we say map, we don’t mean a helping hand to get you from A to B, we mean a lash map!

Want some free lash maps to get you started?

Look at our lash map guide here. 

Includes doll-eye lash map, squirrel lash map, round lash map, cat eye lash map, and Kim Kardashian lash map.

Read more about lash mapping here.

Colors: Black, red, blue and green.

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