Eyelash Extensions Hand Tile

$2.40 $3

Eyelash Extensions Hand Tile

Do you love working from the hand? Yes? Then this is the perfect lashing accessory for you.

The Lash Hand Tile comes with a strap, velcro attachment, and tile.

Attach to the wrist to allow for easy application of lash extensions. The Round Eyelash Extension Hand Tile fits 6 strips of lashes. Size: 60mm x 80mm

The rectangle holds 8 strips of lashes and includes length labels to help when organizing the lashes.

How to use:

Place the eyelash extension strip on the lash tile and fit the strap around your wrist.

Lash away easily and create your best lash set!

 Why not use our heart glue rings to help speed up your lashing process.

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