Lash Adhesive Stickers (60)

$5.60 $7

Lash Adhesive Stickers are disposable covers that attach to the Jade Stone before the adhesive is dispensed.

As a sanitised item it will not only prevent the adhesive from drying fast but also protects against diffusion. 

As with lots of products within our industry, it is so easy to buy cheap from the far east and potentially be buying (and selling) knock-off or low-quality goods, there are a couple of reasons that tape or even jade stones may be the cause of the problem!

Low-quality micropore tape can actually be a week acid (which will affect the lash adhesive) and even the sticky adhesive on one side of the tape can have an impact on the lash adhesive due to the tape itself being porous.

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Another potential issue is that if the jade stone is of poor quality then it could actually be slightly alkaline which will affect how the adhesive cures.

The last consideration is that the act of simply running your finger across the tape to stick it down can transfer oils and moisture on to the tape which will then affect the lash adhesive!

It's always better to use a non-reactive, non-porous, single-use item such as these.

Today's adhesives are so good and a million times better than 10 years ago but they are also so much more reactive to external factors! It's a minefield but hopefully, this helps someone else that has experienced the same problem!

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