Foil Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Sticker (250)

$4 $5

Foil Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Sticker

As a sanitized item, these foil eyelash extensions adhesive stickers will not only prevent glue from drying fast but also against diffusion of the glue. They will provide you with more time for eyelash extension application and will minimize unnecessary waste of lash extension adhesive dots. Even better, they will keep your glue holders clean meaning less time cleaning between clients!

These adhesive stickers have an Anti-polymerization surface.

Size: 20mm

How to use:

Great for use on jade stones, lash tiles, glue rings, and more.

Place the adhesive sticker on your adhesive holder and dot your glue onto the sticker.

Carry out your lash treatment and when youre finished, simply peel off and dispose.

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