Anti-glare Lash Tile

$12.80 $16

Our anti-glare lash tiles are the ultimate upgrade in lash extension application.

Relaxed eyes mean improved results. Most tiles have a reflective surface which can bounce overhead light and can distract from fan making and lash pickup. Our new lash tiles are ultra-matte with a special anti-glare finish to completely nullify light from your lash light.

These anti-glare lash tiles also have non-slip feet for stability and safety.

No lines or numbers give you complete flexibility with the added flash of LashBase pink to promote awareness and authority around the products you have chosen.

Both anti-glare lash tile styles come with a strong protective cover which makes storing and stacking easy.

Available in 2 sizes to ensure that you have the right surface for either standard length strips or our XXL tray pre-mades (you can even have 2 standard strips side by side).

Size: Standard 83mm x 158mm - Large 162mm x 158mm

Weight: Standard 180g - Large 320g

Made from Acrylic.


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