Advance Adhesive

Are you a lash artist who's tired of dealing with the stress of working with adhesives during seasonal changes? Do you wish your adhesive lasted longer and resulted in better retention? Well, here's our new Advance adhesive range, guaranteed to take the stress out of your salon temperature and humidity problems.

Advance: This versatile adhesive is your all-weather companion, excelling in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Advance Clear: Offering the same adaptability as the Advance adhesive but with a transparent finish for a seamless look.

Advance Pro: If you need the fastest drying adhesive for quick work, the Advance Pro is the answer. It excels in high humidity conditions.


The range of lash glues work in a wider range of environmental conditions. Advance lasts longer inside and outside the bottle, whether inside the bottle or as a glue dot on your lash tile or jade stone, you will get less wastage. Better Retention - need we say more. The lash retention with this glue is the best due to the strong bond formed between lashes. Our Lash Adhesives are safe. All adhesives are registered and compliant with all UK/EU regulations and have undergone safety assessments by a UK-based independent toxicologist post-manufacturing.

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