Your time online: how to use screen time effectively

Your time online: how to use screen time effectively

These days, it seems like we live our lives on the Internet, but can excessive Internet and social media use impact your mental health? Simple answer: Yes, of course!

We have decided to write a blog to tell you why you should manage the time you spend online and on your phone more wisely and how taking a break from the cyber world can positively affect you and your business.

So we are going to jump straight in with how to manage your time online.

Managing your time online.

Who has a screen time notification that pops up on their phone each Sunday stating how long you have spent online? Isn't it the worst thing ever? If you didn't already feel bad for spending so much time online, that will sure as hell make you feel rubbish! But we are here to help, here is what you can do to embrace the screen time notification and how it can actually benefit you...

Think back to the week gone by, how much time have you spent on online or on your phone? And answer the following questions:

  1. Was it beneficial for you?
  2. What did you achieve in this time?
  3. Could you have done something else with your time that would have benefited you and/or your business?

We guarantee most of you would have answered 1. No 2. Nothing 3. Yes

We believe we can cut your time online down by following the next few tips:

Stop endless scrolling.

Your brain needs time to rest, especially after you’ve had a lot of information thrown at you. To put it simply, you can process things better if you actually give yourself a chance to think. If scrolling is not benefiting you and your lash business. Stop!

Take time out.

Put away your phone for an hour or so each evening and give yourself time to focus on you! Do less of what you think you should be doing and do more of what you want to do. This in itself will benefit your business. You will be happier, healthier, more alert and not as worn out.


Give yourself a limit on how long you would like to spend online a day or a week and figure out what you would like to achieve. Make a list and prioritize it!

For instance:

  1. Make LashBase order - 10 - 15 mins
  2. Build relationships with potential customers – 30 mins each day
  3. Learning new skills – 30 mins each day
  4. Researching / Reading – 60 mins a week

Our challenge for you is to find out how much time you spend online and figure out how you can cut your cyber time down, yet be more productive.