Ways to be featured on LashBase social channels

Want your work to be featured on LashBase US social channels? 

We LOVE to share the stunning lash sets you create for your clients! If you are yet to have your work featured on our Instagram, here are a few things we look out for:

Use LashBase products

We always share content where LashBase products have been used. This is our business and we want to show our customers what is possible when using our products. So please try to use them where you can to create your beautiful lash sets.

It's even better when the products used are tagged in the caption. This way other Lash Artists know what to look for when browsing on our website. 

Post clear photos

By posting photos that are clear and natural, we are showing our customers a realistic representation of the outcome when using LashBase products. A great way to ensure your pictures are clear is to avoid applying heavy filters. 

Another tip would be to share more than one picture, for example, a carousel. This way you are sharing multiple shots of one look for our team to choose from. 


Here's a great example from @beautyenhanced__


Don’t add a logo or watermark 

We understand that branding your content can be part of your marketing strategy, however, we try to avoid posting pictures with logos or watermarks. Instead, we tag the Lash Artist/business in the post to highlight whose work we are sharing. 

If you are happy to post a few images without a logo/watermark, we will always ensure the correct Artist is credited for their work. 

Tag @LashBase_US in your posts 

We are always scrolling through Instagram to find content which we have been tagged in. If you are looking to get your content seen by the LashBase team, we would recommend tagging us (@LashBase_US) to ensure the team sees it. Another way to get your content seen by us is by using the hashtag #FeatureMeLashBase.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact our team via Instagram (@LashBase_US).