Things to Leave in 2023: The Lash Artist Edition

Ready to leave some old perspectives in 2023? We want to chat about some things or trends that might need a little break. From lash artist worries to business perspectives that need a timeout, let’s explore what’s best left in the past for a revamped lash game in the coming year.

Stop the pro-made or handmade lash fan debate

Rewind to a few years back and the idea of using pre-made lash fans was unheard of - a huge no. Since then, pre-made fans have improved in quality and now, around 75% of lash artists use them for their volume lash extension sets or have some in their trolley.

There has always been a divide and differences of opinions when it comes to which is "better", but going into 2024, we need to agree that both have their place and neither is "better", they both have benefits. Just use what works for you!

Stop chasing followers and get off the social media hamster wheel

The goal of social media for your lash business is not to focus on getting your follower count up as high as possible, your goal is to show off your work and build up a community where your clients can engage with your content and feel valued. Through doing this, you will gain new and loyal clients. If you aim to get as many followers as possible, you’re in danger of having an unengaged audience which will damage your social profiles.

Stop worrying about your lashing speed

Good work takes time; you should only be worried about your client's safety and the end result. As you get better over time, you will naturally speed up but don't make this something you worry about.

Stop asking “What’s the best lash adhesive?”

One lash adhesive does not fit all lash artists. In this industry, people have their own techniques and ways of working which means their lashing speed will be different, as well as having different salon environments etc which will affect the way the adhesive works. 

Stop switching lash brands/products and learn to troubleshoot

Get to the root of the issue. Not getting along with an adhesive? Why? Don't just trash it - research into why it isn’t working for you and learn how to work with the product. You never know, you may have a lash-changing treasure in your hand and you don’t even know it. Not only will it reduce waste products, but you will also learn a lot more in the process of troubleshooting. 

Stop publicly shaming/outing clients on social media

Your clients are the reason your business is alive. If you publicly out a client, other clients will see that there is the potential of you going for them, which will put them off you very quickly! With beauty treatments like lash extensions, your client may already feel on edge and vulnerable when on the salon bed, so to know that you could potentially be judging them will only increase the anxiety.  

If what you are shaming your client about is a genuine problem, either address it privately, introduce policies or talk to other lash artists in relevant safe spaces - not somewhere that is client-facing.

Stop comparing yourself to other lash artists

Seriously, stop sizing yourself up against other lash artists! Your style, your results —it's what makes your lash game special. Focus on your growth without getting caught up in the comparison trap as it will only bring you down. Celebrate your journey, the ups, downs, and the unique path you're on in the lash world. Own it!

Stop trying to "get rich quick" and focus on sustainable growth for the long term

Quick wins might seem tempting, but building a thriving lash business isn't a sprint—it's a marathon. Take the time to nurture your craft, build genuine connections, and create a solid strategy for sustainable growth. Those small, consistent steps forward? They'll get you further than any quick fix.

Stop letting clients dictate your working hours and rules

This is YOUR show! Don't let clients dictate your working hours or rules. Setting clear boundaries isn't just about keeping your sanity intact; it's about running a professional business. Define your hours, how you work, and stick to it. Trust us, a balanced work-life improves your mental health and will make you a better lash artist.