The Ultimate Guide to LashBase Eye Pads

We might be biased, but we think we have the best lash Eye Pads.

We have a range of lash Eye Pads to suit all eye shapes and of course to suit each lash artist.  

Want to know which Eye Pads are the best for your client? We've put together all the info you need on our Eye Pad range below: 


Premium Eye Pads

Our Premium Eye Pads have a deep curve and a lint free surface. They are thin but strong, with good adhesion.

Premium Shaped Eye Pads

Our Premium Shaped Eye Pads are our most popular Eye Pads and its easier to see why! They are shaped to provide a more comfortable and neater fit. Our Premium Shaped Eye Pads can be used either with the thin side towards the nose or towards the ear. They are tapered to make it easier to position them on the eye.  

Bio Gel Eye Pads

Our Bio-Gel Eye Pads are ultra-thin, fibre-free, and super flexible. These ooze free sticky Eye Pads are great at holding the lower lashes in place, as well as providing comfort for your client.

Pink Under Eye Pads

Our Pink Under Eye Pads are perfect for use on clients that have fair lashes. They help improve invisibility by enhancing the visibility of the natural lashes against the colour of the eye pad. These Eye Pads are perfect if you’re working on clients with fair hair.  

Remember: There isn't one single type of eye pad that suits everyone.  Some lash artists like to work with thin Eye Pads, whereas others like tapered Eye Pads. As always, it comes down to personal preference, just make sure you are working with eye pads that suit your working style.  


Top Tip – Make sure you are using correct pad placement to avoid chemical burns or irritation. Chemical burns are usually red and sore and therefore can be confused with an ‘allergic reaction’. The best way to prevent this is by correct pad placement. It is vital that all lower lashes are covered during the treatment. It is important to ensure that when you place the pad it is 0.5 – 1mm away from the waterline and not blocking the glands or touching the eye when the eye is closed. You can then secure the pad with micropore tape if required.

As an alternative to pads, you can also use Microfoam tape make sure to ask your client if they are comfortable and ask them to let you know if the pads/tape move or become uncomfortable during the treatment. 

We hope you found this blog post helpful, as always if you have any questions about our Eye Pad range, feel free to drop us a DM on Instagram @LashBase_US and we'll be happy to help!