Our top 10 products for beginner lash artists.

Starting your journey to become a lash artist can be daunting, with so many options on the market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed! Besides the obvious essentials such as lashes, tweezers and adhesive, we have put together our top 10 must-have products to make starting up seem a little less overwhelming!

Adhesive shaker: An absolute must have for any lash artist, the adhesive shaker will ensure your adhesive is shaken correctly, saving time throughout your set when your adhesive needs re-shaking. When you experience issues with retention, one of the biggest causes is unproperly shaken adhesive, so this will reduce this problem from occurring! A shaker will take pressure away from your hands and wrists.

Mini Vacuum Sealed container: It’s vital that your adhesive is being stored correctly so that you can achieve consistent results without experiencing issues with retention. With our helpful airtight jar you can store up to 3 adhesives which will give you peace of mind that your adhesive is being stored to the correct temperature and humidity for your adhesive to last longer

Primer and accelerator: Our Primer, Cleaner & Accelerator is best for removing oil and residue before the lash extension treatment begins- Use as part of your pre-treatment routine to clean the natural lashes, and work from optimal surface conditions. Correctly prepping the lashes will result in better retention!
Flexibonder: Applying Flexibond to the lashes once you have completed your clients set means clients will be able to get the lashes as wet as they wish from the second they leave! It has also been proven to Improve retention. The process works by reducing any tiny air bubbles between the clients natural lash and adhesive and it also helps neutralise adhesive fumes to help you provide a safer treatment and reduce any unneeded sensitivities.

LASHBASE PRO LIGHT: Having a good quality ring light is something we believe to be underrated by lash artists, not only will a ring light provide excellent lighting whilst lashing but also help you achieve content such as those all important before and after pictures and videos! Lighting is SO important when taking pictures and will be at the forefront of promoting the quality of your work!
ProFan: Bring a little added luxury to your lash appointments, The LashBase ProFan removes adhesive fumes from the client's eye area and reduces the risk of sensitivities!

Glue wipes: After dispensing your adhesive, use a wipe to wipe around the adhesive nozzle before replacing the lid. Do this every time you dispense your lash adhesive to avoid adhesive build-up. They are also multipurpose and also can be used to wipe clients watery eyes, used to wipe off cream remover and remove adhesive from tweezers!

Lash pillow: Your clients experience with you will determine if they return so customer service is a top priority therefore it’s important that your client is relaxed and comfortable throughout their appointment! Our lash pillow has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort to the neck, back and shoulders during your lash procedure! 
Professional lash mirror:  The importance of a mirror is underrated! This will help guide you and give perspective of the lashes from the client's point of view. Use this regularly to keep track of your progress and ensure the clients eyes are closed throughout their appointment!

Lash Extension aftercare retail kit:  Our Lash Extensions Aftercare Retail Kit has everything your clients will need to keep their lashes clean and healthy. 

By retailing an aftercare kit you are not only giving your clients the essentials to maintain happy and healthy lashes at home but can also make an additional retail income! We recommend re-selling the aftercare kit from around the £6-£10 price bracket! 

We’re always here to help, if you have any questions or would like support with your journey- contact us via our Instagram page @LashBase_US