Let's talk lash layering

Let's level up your lash sets and introduce you to the power of layering. This will change your technique to lashing and allow you to create so many different styles of extension.


1. Use tape to secure and expose the lashes, we recommend using Isolation tape 

2. Place your lash extension underneath the natural lash for the top layer and on top of the natural lash for the bottom layer.

3. Take note of what you have done to avoid confusion and save time for your clients future infill appointments or if someone requests a similar set.

4. Make sure you are positioned correctly with good posture so that you can angle yourself at the right placement, bottom layers can be harder to lash and you want to avoid additional back ache!

5. Practice, practice, practice, new skills take time.

Take pictures and videos, this is a great way to promote your work but also is a great way to reflect on your progress and skill!

    EYELINER EFFECT: To create a dark lash line, focus on the bottom layer of lashes and use dense, short length fans or you can create a longer narrow based fan which will give the appearance of a darker lash line.

    FULL AND FLUFFY: To create a full and fluffy effect use dense, short fans on the top layer to create fluff and increase length and decrease fan size with each layer.

    TEXTURED: To create a textured set, use a variety of lengths and dimensions including classic lashes or closed fans. Use dense fans in the middle layer with added classics to create spikes, dense fans on the bottom layer, and mid fans on the top layer.

    We hope you have found this helpful, for any further hints or tips keep an eye out on our Instagram page @LashBase_US