LashBase celebrates women everyday

In honor of International Women's Day, LashBase would like to celebrate all the incredible women in the lash industry. From lash artists and entrepreneurs to educators and mentors, women make a significant impact on the lash industry. 

We celebrate every Lash queen’s passion, hard work and dedication on a daily basis (not just on days like today). We’re proud of all our customers and we love nothing more than scrolling through our mentions on Instagram, admiring your beautiful work. 

This International Women's Day we are doing things a little differently. 

Please welcome out first ever LashBase brand partners!

As a company we want to celebrate two special lash professionals - Lis Reynolds and Abigail Richardson (you know the deal, show them some love, give them a follow or simply soak up some inspiration).

lashbase partners

Meet our Brand Partners

Lis Reynolds and Abigail Richardson are now LashBase brand partners and will support us with their lashing expertise across the business, including training, events, and much more.

Abigail -

I'm Abigail, a 28 year old passionate lash artist and educator based in Essex. My specialty lies in natural lash enhancements that empower and flatter my clients' features. I am naturally a creative person and studied art before starting my business over 5 years ago, therefore lashing has become the perfect way to express my entrepreneurial side while utilising my artistic side.

Tell us about your business

My lash studio, based at the end of my parents garden, provides flexibility for me and creates a private, one-on-one environment for clients. Here, I focus on creating natural, bespoke lash sets that enhance their natural beauty and boost their confidence. As an educator I also teach beginner lash courses, I take pride in helping others develop their skills and navigate the lash industry with confidence. My aim is to create a new generation of ethical and skilled lash artists who prioritize communication and build strong relationships with their clients.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration comes from witnessing how transformational lash extensions can be. Seeing clients radiate confidence and leave feeling the best version of themselves, after their appointments is incredibly rewarding. Their happiness fuels my passion for the industry and motivates me to continuously improve and share my knowledge.

What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to leave a positive, lasting impact on the lash industry. I aspire to empower future lash artists with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to thrive. By promoting ethical practices and clear communication, I aim to contribute to a more positive and professional industry experience for both clients and artists.

What are you most looking forward to doing with LashBase?

LashBase has played a pivotal role in my lash journey from the very beginning. The first course I ever took used LashBase products, and I've been a loyal, monthly customer ever since. Now, collaborating with a brand I genuinely believe in and recommend to everyone is an absolute dream come true. As someone who has worked for themselves the past five years, the opportunity to work alongside a supportive team, especially one I highly respect like LashBase, is incredibly exciting.

How has your work as a lash artist impacted your confidence and sense of self-worth?

Starting my lash business was the first career step where I felt that my creative side could be used in my day to day work. This really helped grow my confidence as I finally found something I am really good at and can continue improving on every single day.

My sense of self-worth definitely comes from not only helping my clients look their best but also feel their best after their treatment. Due to the private space my studio creates, it helps my clients feel comfortable opening up about their personal life, struggles and anything they may need to chat about. There is nothing more rewarding than them sitting up, looking in the mirror, loving their lashes but also thanking me for the chat and knowing they are leaving even feeling a little bit lighter.

Lis - @bylis___ 

I've worked in the lash industry for 7 years and found a passion in helping other Lash Artists' achieve their goals, whether that's fully booked, pricing their services properly or simply finding a community full of like minded women who all support each other. Empowering other lash techs to grow their business is the most favorite part of my job. Aside from my work, I love being outdoors and walking my dog Kiwi with my partner, spending the evening in front of the fire with my fave snacks (popcorn & any choc) and scouting out the best place for a Sunday dinner.

Tell us about your business 

Through working with my amazing clients over the years & helping them feel their best selves, I've developed a love of helping other lash artists grow their businesses. My online membership, LashLife, has expanded the lives of so many other Lash Artists', through virtual learning. Making it as affordable and accessible as possible is a top priority, because I know first hand how difficult growing a lash business with no support can be. The community that has been created through LashLife is beyond anything I could have ever expected & I am so proud of my business.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Lena Asher - her motivation & determination to better herself and her family is second to none. After seeing her live on stage at LashFest, I was SO inspired by her journey and could relate to her struggles. Listening to her has made me realize I can achieve anything I put my mind to, and if she can, anyone can

What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to live my best life and to help others do the same. Life is so short and we should live every day to the fullest.

What are you most looking forward to doing with LashBase?

Through this collaboration with LashBase, I am so looking forward to changing as many Lash Techs' lives as possible, to create a better quality of life for each individual person, and ultimately, a better lash industry.

How has your work as a lash artist impacted your confidence and sense of self-worth?

Becoming a Lash Artist has made my sense of self worth stronger than ever. Through pushing myself out of my comfort zone & constantly striving for new things, I've become more confident & grown as a person. Through my lash journey I've become a person my younger self would genuinely be so proud of.


Our main goal is to support lash artists at any, and every, point of their lash career. As you know, we support with training, tips and blogs and are always on the other side of an Instagram DM. As it’s International Women's Day, we would love to give you 20% off all lash supplies. You know what to do... get shopping!

Have a great day! x